Why should Lawyers use ACRES to sell property?

ACRES has been set up to assist Lawyers to provide a professional and personal service to their clients who wish to sell their properties. The benefits are that Lawyers can guide their clients through the selling process, arrange a comprehensive marketing plan on-line, control the contract process and be on hand to give professional advice in dealing with the house sale and subsequent purchase of a new home.

So why ACRES?


  • In 2008 legislation was passed allowing lawyers to sell property
  • The law states that lawyers are not able to charge a commission based upon the sale price of the property and must charge in accordance with the normal charging principles eg time in attendance, expertise required, contingency, agreement with the client.
  • Lawyers do not have to be members of the REINZ to sell property
  • Some lawyers are selling property and are having considerable success


  • ACRES provides all the services which lawyers will need to market their clients’ properties
  • ACRES enables lawyers to take advantage of the 2008 law change and sell property without unduly impacting on the lawyers time and resources
  • ACRES is a group of lawyers and experts who are totally focused on ensuring that lawyers are able to increase their income through the real estate selling opportunity
  • ACRES has spent time exploring options and putting in place what ACRES believes is the best system to ensure that the process of selling property is straightforward, that lawyers get the support and services that they require and that lawyers will have to spend a minimum amount of time on selling real estate
  • ACRES has spent many hours testing the system and the contractors who are on the system and knows that it works
  • ACRES will build a lawyers brand which will become recognized as being cost effective, transparent, safe and efficient by clients.
  • Selling property using the ACRES system will add significant income to your practice.

What are the advantages of ACRES?

  • ACRES recognizes that in order for lawyers to gain traction in issues of public trust and confidence that they need to build brand awareness thus the reason for forming ACRES and making it accessible to all lawyers. By doing this as a profession we can better develop and evolve a strong brand
  • ACRES annual membership fees will be used solely to market the brand and raise public awareness that lawyers sell real estate.
  • Users of ACRES will, by selling real estate increase their incomes and their return from real estate transactions and as well will further cement their relationships with their clients.
  • Becoming part of a collegial group who we hope will return some of the collegiality and collectivism to the profession (at least among property lawyers)
  • It is a very simple system which is easy to use. The tools to sell property will all exist at your fingertips. Even the work in placing ads, ordering photographs and signs, attending open homes and showing prospective purchasers through properties will be done for you. All you will be required to do is market your use of the system to your clients and the rest will take care of itself.
  • You will take your entire fee less whatever you have negotiated with your real estate professional or whatever monies you have to pay your staff member who is your designated property seller. ACRES takes none of your fee for selling.

How does it work? 

  • An email is sent out to all your clients. The email advises that you are using the ACRES system and that you are able to take listings. It advises your clients to come to you first when they are putting property on the market.
  • ACRES will also provide a monthly newsletter to be sent by you to your clients or by ACRES.
  • When a client advises you that they are selling their property and that they wish to know what you can offer them you will be able to direct them to the ACRES website which has the full details of how the ACRES system works and what the advantages are for them. You will need to advise them what fee you are going to charge them on or on what basis you are going to charge them (eg and hourly rate contingent on selling or a fixed fee)
  • When the client decides to list they will visit you (or you them) and the details of the property will be put into the ACRES system .
  • At the time of seeing the client they will chose a marketing package for which they will pay you up front by VISA or by cheque into your trust account. Those monies will be held on trust by you for the client and for ACRES so that when each step is completed in the marketing programme your admin person will pay ACRES for that service.
  • An engagement letter will be automatically generated by the system which the client will sign which authorizes you in writing to sell the clients property.
  • Your designated employee/contractor will then put the services ordered in place.
  • When an offer is received you will draft the agreement and assist your client with the negotiation of the agreement as part of your selling fees.
  • In summary the ACRES system is designed to provide a complete range of services, administrative support and backup tools for lawyers to sell property on behalf of their clients. How you use those services is entirely up to you.
  • In short we believe at ACRES that we can provide real value to your business and that through the ACRES system you can provide a viable real estate selling alternative to them from what is available currently.

Who are ACRES?

  • ACRES consists of a group of people who have worked away over the past two years to bring a viable system to you to assist you in selling real estate to your clients.
  • The ACRES shareholders consist of:
    • Michael William Tolhurst Solicitor Citylaw
    • Kim Hemus Real Estate Professional
    • Mike Hocking Insurance and Finance Professional
    • Murdoch Price Limited
  • Mike Tolhurst has been practicing since 1986 – prior to that he worked in a bank for three years as Corporate Solicitor and prior to that he was in the Police.
  • KIM HEMUS is an independent sales consultant who is able to be referred

    to lawyers by ACRES as the independent contractor of that lawyer.

    Kim has 20 years real estate experience and has during that time sold in excess of 400 properties.

    Kim has a straightforward, no nonsense approach to selling real estate and is experienced in running every type of marketing campaign. While accepting that selling real estate can be a daunting experience Kim is committed to making it as enjoyable and trouble free for sellers and buyers alike.

    Kim is married to Denise with four busy teenage children.

    Kim is hard-working, results focused and intent upon delivering outstanding results for lawyers who are ACRES users and their clients. Together with the ACRES users Kim has all the credentials to complete a winning combination to sell properties for lawyers and their clients.

  • The contractors which ACRES will use include the NZ Herald, Trademe, Open2View, plus many more contractors providing services to assist with the selling of real estate.

What do you do now? 

If you are keen to join ACRES please contact us to find out more.

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